Monday, March 25, 2013

Waterhog Floor Mats

What makes the Waterhog Floor Mat the Best Floor Mat on the Market?

The Waterhog floor mat is the best selling floor mat manufactured and sold in the US.  No other floor mat effectively scrapes and removes dirt and debris while absorbing moisture.  In fact; the Waterhog floor mat with its unique water dam border, holds 1.5 gallons of water per square yard, keeping both dirt and water on the mat.

The Waterhog floor mat is the number one purchased mat in the commercial industry.  Due to the heavy foot traffic volume that commercial industries receive, Waterhog floor mats are the number one choice for commercial applications for the following reasons:

·      The Waterhog floor mat’s bi-level raised pattern aggressively scrapes dirt, debris and moisture from the bottom of shoes

·      The unique “water dam” border allows the Waterhog floor mat to hold 1.5 gallons of water per square yard – keeping dirt and water on the mat

·      The quality of the Waterhog floor mat’s borders prevent them from cracking or curling which is common in mats of lesser quality

·      The fabric of the Waterhog floor mat is an anti-static, solution dyed polypropylene which is highly stain resistant, dries quickly and is resistant to rotting and fading

·      The Waterhog floor mat’s rubber reinforced face nubs prevent pile from crushing which extends the performance life of the product

·      The Waterhog floor mat is very attractive portraying that of the highest quality to be used in the finest hotels, restaurants and commercial establishments

·      Waterhog floor mats are certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute

·      The weight and the design of the rubber backing keep the Waterhog floor mat in place

·      Waterhog floor mats are eco-friendly; recycled rubber from car tires are used in the mat’s rubber backing and the Waterhog Eco series fabric is made from reclaimed plastic drinking bottles

·      Cleaning a Waterhog floor mat is simple - simply vacuum or hose or spray and hang to dry

The life of the Waterhog floor mat is dependent on the conditions it is exposed to.  However, most commercial application uses receive on average 5 years of use.  The durability far exceeds any other mat purchased for the same reason. 

The different categories of the Waterhog floor mat are: Waterhog Classic Mats, Waterhog Eco Mats,  Waterhog Tiles, Waterhog Logo Mats and Waterhog Roll Good Matting.

The Waterhog Eco floor mats are environmentally friendly with the mat facing made 100% from reclaimed plastic drinking bottles.  Each 3’ x 5’ mat recycles 60 plastic bottles.

Waterhog floor mats are manufactured in the U.S.A. which mean that when you purchase Waterhog floor mats, you are helping to keep jobs in America fostering American independence; the goods are produced to the standard of U.S. consumer protection laws and safety standards; employees are not exploited as in 3rd world production countries; and the manufacturing process is cleaner for the environment than other countries.

Waterhog floor mats manufacturer by the Andersen Company are certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI).  The mission of the NFSI is to aid in the prevention of slips, trips and falls, through education, research and standard development.  Click here to view their certified products or visit

In summary, a floor mat should do four things: 

1.     Stop soil and water at the door
2.     Store soil and water for removal
3.     Minimize tracking of soil and water
4.     Provide a safe walking surface to prevent accidents

The Waterhog floor mat meets all the above prerequisites and is quite simply the best floor mat on the market today.  Click here to shop for Waterhog Floor Mats.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Scraper Mats: How to Select the Best Scraper Mat for Entrances

Features of an Exceptional Scraper Entrance Mat:
An exceptional scraper mat will scrape dirt, debris and absorb moisture leaving it on the mat and preventing it from entering the building or residence.

Outdoor and inside scraper mats are essential for every entrance where floor protection and the prevention of slip and fall accidents are a concern. Not only are scraper mats necessary for entrances to buildings but anywhere where liquids are is a great location for a scraper mat. Production areas, break rooms, kitchens, vending machines, water fountains and ice machines all should have scraper mats utilized in the prevention of work-place and residential accidents.

A great scraper mat will be made of solution-dyed nylon to prevent fading from sunlight, be certified slip-resistant and have sloped, drainable borders to prevent water from collecting on the mat.

The best scraper mat on the market is made right here in the USA by the Andersen Company. The Andersen Company’s Brush Hog Scraper Mat and Brush Hog Plus Scraper Mats are certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI).

The Brush Hog Mats are ideal for outside applications. The high performance 100% solution-dyed nylon face will not fade in sunlight. The turf pile fabric construction of both Brush Hog Plus and Brush Hog filters dirt and moisture away from the mat surface. Brush Hog Plus mats have the added feature of bi-level reinforced construction for improved filtration performance.

The premium green rubber backing has 20% post-consumer recycled car tire content which is available in smooth backing for hard floors or cleated backing for carpeted floors. The premium rubber backing on the Brush Hog Mat will not crack or curl.

Brush Hog Mats are excellent for exposed outdoor weather conditions where rain and snow are present. The sloped drainable borders allow moisture to flow off the scraper mat

Brush Hog Mats are available in two styles. The original Brush Hog Mat and the Brush Hog Plus Mat. The original Brush Hog Mat has the standard fiber with black rubber drainable borders. The Brush Hog Plus Mats have a square waffle pattern with the matching mat color drainable border.

Click here to purchase Brush Hog Scraper Mats.

Recycled Mats: How are Recycled Mats Made?

The Benefits of Recycled Mats:

You can help to reduce environmental pollution and landfill waste by going green with recycled floor mats made from reclaimed materials.

When you purchase PET (polyethylene terephthalate) fiber mats, all rubber mats or rubber backed mats you help to reduce the environmental impact on our landfills. Currently, 1.5 million tons of plastic water bottles and 40 million worn tires end up in landfills across the country every year.

Recycled mats manufactured from recycled tires and reclaimed plastic drinking bottles produce heavy-duty, high quality and extremely stain resistant floor mats.

Recycled rubber made from SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) post-consumer recycled tires are manufactured into rubber backings for fiber mats or into rubber floor mats. Worn and discarded tires are processed into crumb rubber by mechanical shredding. Sheets of rubber are produced from the crumb rubber to be used as the backing of fiber mats or for all rubber door mats.

By purchasing recycled mats made from reclaimed materials you are doing your part to help reduce unwanted landfill waste. Recycling rather than using raw materials uses less water, energy and reduces air pollution. When you buy earth-friendly matting, natural resources are saved and recycling jobs are created as well.

The Andersen Company offers an entire line of recycled mats produced from recycled materials. To view these recycled friendly mat products, click here.

Floor Mats: Four Reasons to Use Floor mats in your Home or Business

Features of an Exceptional Scraper Entrance Mat
First impressions are lasting impressions! Do you want a floor mat for your business or home that demonstrates the thought process of a strategically placed mat purchased for a specific use or do you want your customers and visitors to just have “something to wipe their feet on?” Appearance is everything for residences, businesses, hospitals, schools, hotels, retail outlets, corporate offices and more. Whatever your business is, your business will not get a second chance to make a first impression. Your customers and visitors will perceive ideas as to the worth and value based on what they see and this sets the tone for the relationship with that establishment.

The right floor mats stops dirt, debris and moisture from being tracked onto yours floors. It’s estimated that 80% of dirt, grime and moisture is brought inside by foot traffic. To assist in keeping your home or establishment clean, a two-step process should be utilized. The first step is to place an outside scraper mat at the entrance to scrape and remove the majority of dirt and debris. The second step is to place a floor mat at the inside entrance to remove the remainder of dirt and debris and to absorb any moisture. It is important to ensure that you have the right length of walk-off floor mat to ensure that before the traffic walks on your clean floors the “clutter” from their shoe wear has been removed.

Floor Protection:
Did you know that 42% of a floor’s finish is removed by not having properly placed floor mats? The dirt, debris and moisture brought in by the soles of shoes can permanently damage floors and carpets. It is estimated by the International Sanitary Supply Association that the cost to remove 1 pound of dirt (which can accumulate in just 1 week per square yard of carpeting) from a building is a whopping $600! Floor mats help to protect the floor’s finish by removing the “grease and grime” and absorbing moisture off of your customer’s and visitor’s shoes before they walk on your hard or carpeted flooring.

Slip and Fall Prevention:
Floor mats prevent slip and fall accidents, which subsequently prevent lawsuits. OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) estimates that slip and fall accidents have increased by 300% since 1980 and account for 15% of all accidental deaths. The building owner or homeowner is responsible for the medical and monetary restitution to slip and fall accident victims. This is very disconcerting as there are no limits as to the medical costs, legal fees and safety fines a company or individual may be responsible for. The liability for slip and fall accidents is extremely high for the general public, customers and employees. Prevention is the best antidote to slip and fall liability.

For floor mat protection for outside entrances we recommend the Brush Hog Scraper Mats. The outside scraper mats are made of 100% solution-dyed nylon face and won’t fade in sunlight. The green friendly rubber backing has 20% post consumer recycled car tire content. The Brush Hog Scraper Mat's turf pile fabric construction of both Brush Hog and Brush Hog Plus filters dirt and moisture away from the mat's surface. Brush Hog Plus mats have the added feature of bi-level reinforced construction for improved filtration performance. The Brush Hog Scraper Mats are certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute and recommended for outside applications for all industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Click here to purchase Brush Hog Scraper Mats.

For inside floor mats we recommend the Waterhog Floor Mat. No other mat in the industry traps dirt and water so effectively. Waterhog Mats are offered in several styles including earth-friendly mats manufactured from recycled plastic water bottles, all Waterhog Mats provide the same outstanding benefits. The exclusive "Water Dam" border holds 1.5 gallons of liquid per square foot. In addition, all Waterhog Mats are certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). Durable, heavy-duty and beautiful Waterhog mats can be used for all commercial, industrial and residential applications.